Platform33 organise events to showcase a wide range of artists from completely different genres. Founder Chloe Booker tells us why cross-genre programming is her passion…

The idea came to me a few years ago. I couldn’t find anyone to go to a classical concert with me. For me, a classical concert is just as exciting a prospect as seeing a band like the Maccabees or Lady GaGa!! But for many, a classical concert immediately makes people think of pretense, expensive tickets and boredom. Something that is inherently uncool, snooty and irrelevant. In my experience, this applies generally to more traditional genres.

As such, I decided there must be a fun, cool, interesting and informative way to present different art forms. Where the audience get a taster of things they would never usually experience and can contrast and compare whilst drinking, asking questions, chatting and having a fun night out.


Opera at The Arts Hijack, September 2012.

So at Platform33 you get to see the most diverse acts performing on the same night in unconventional, relaxed and intimate venues. They talk directly to the audience, to explain why, how and what they’re actually doing. This gives a unique insight into the art form, and the lives of these incredibly talented individuals.

Typically, a night will consist of three or four acts. But back in September we organized a whole weekend of performance, which aimed to showcase 33 acts over 2 days. This was The Arts Hijack – a collaboration with The Brick Box and Pinch TV at 354 Coldharbour Lane. Check out the video:

It was an absolute treat working with The Brick Box! They share my views that the arts shouldn’t be the preserve of the few but should be made accessible to everyone.

And the fun didn’t stop there, Platform33 nights continued throughout the autumn and winter of 2012 and we get to celebrate our first birthday on January 19th! In the last 12 months we’ve showcased over 40 artists across 8 venues. Acts have ranged from freestyle footballers, to opera singers, to graffiti artists, to tango dancers.

So come and join us for our birthday celebrations on the 19th of January at the Nursery Theatre near Southwark Station. It will feature over 30 performers. From a 10 piece classical brass group, to a Brazilian dance company to a 6 piece south African jazz ensemble, you’ll be sure to see something new. We are in for a treat!

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