The Mills Are Alive

The Mills Are Alive!

That’s the message a new consortium in Bradford wants to send to the whole world with a huge new project all about some of our District’s beautiful, historical architectural assets. 

As part of a working group with partners including Bradford Council, Bradford Producing Hub and Bradford 2025, we’re all ready to vision and plan for the future of Bradford’s mills.

Through creativity and collaboration, we want to highlight, repurpose and open up community ownership for these important buildings so they can play a vital role in Bradford’s future just as they did in its past.

The Mills Are Alive is going to be a long-term project which tackles a few key things:

  • Telling the world (and Bradford) all about our mills and why they’re so magical
  • Using the mills to showcase all the creative talent we have in Bradford, and invite international partners to work with us
  • Create opportunities for the people of Bradford to collectively own some of these buildings, so they will once again be able to play a big part in their local communities

The Brick Box will be kicking off The Mills Are Alive with some large scale projections on an iconic Bradford mill in January 2022, so look out for more news on that soon!