People’s Property Portfolio

And for our latest trick…

… The Brick Box has helped to found a whole new cooperative!

The People’s Property Portfolio is a Community Benefit Society established to regenerate both spirit and place in Bradford city centre.

We want to turn under-used and under-loved spaces into real community hubs, and do this in a way that is unique, special, and ‘full of Bradford’. We are imagining inclusive spaces to create, work, live, and play.

Our long-term goal is to secure a cluster of buildings in Bradford (and maybe beyond!) through community ownership and use these assets for the incubation and development of arts and culture, social enterprise and community businesses.

Currently, we’re working on a feasibility study for a specific building in Bradford city centre. We’re doing this with David Craig, Frances Northrup from New Economics foundation, Cass Walker from Locality and some other ace people.

We’re aiming to be at the end of RIBA stage 2 by April 2022 – more updates to follow soon.