354 Coldharbour Lane

In Spring 2012 The Brick Box negotiated a six month interim use of an exciting and well-known space in Brixton, 354 Coldharbour Lane, formerly The Angel public house. With this window of opportunity, we were able to provide a welcoming, inspiring and safe space for people

  • Build an artistic community;
  • Offer local people opportunities to curate and host events;
  • Experiment with a varied and exciting programme.

The Brick Box were able to give the space to partnership organisations and community networks, job seekers, creative entrepreneurs, young people, local business start-ups, charities and over 200 artists and musicians, from Brixton and beyond.

As per the original agreement, The Brick Boxs six month use of 354 Coldharbour Lane came to an end in autumn 2012. Many exciting projects have come about because of this fruitful time, including Betiel Mahari’s Art Nouveau Brixton. Click here for more details.