In this gallery you can see amazing visions for the future of Bradford created for MANIFEST! To launch the project we asked three artists to get our creativity going. Joanna Klu, Nancy Haslam-Chance and Sharena Lee Satti all chose a building to reimagine. You can also see the creative contributions from fellow Bradfordians who dreamed up a wonferful, fantastical vision for our city.


Nancy Haslam-Chance

“In my drawings slides wrap around tall chimneys from the clouds to the ground and in and out of windows. Symbols of dark and decay are transformed into playgrounds. Useless spaces and derelict buildings become inhabited ruins and places of possibility. These are things which excited me when I was a child, and I enjoy blurring the line between what could be real and what is purely fantasy.”

Joanna Klu – Cre.8.tiv Arts

“I love the architecture of old Victorian buildings. These types of buildings usually have a lot of unique spaces and hideouts. I imagine these buildings as castles and royal habitats and that Bradford is a beautiful fairytale. The inspiration for my work is from the story of Rapunzel. In the lofts and attics of these towering city castles we must have some hidden treasures to explore!”

Sharena Lee Satti

“I was just drawn to this building. Its free standing in its own space.  Its a beautiful building and just really called out to me.”

Uniearth by Sharena Lee Satti


Enter a world of darkness, of illuminating light

No need to close your eyes to quench your appetite

For you are here, a doorway beyond the earth and the sky

A multidimensional space, between time and a place

That allows you to enter another world

With crystal waves that sync and play

In rhythm to a thousand stars of electrical surges of light

Followed by a Celestial meteorite, a shower of fire and dust

Of golden particles that disperse like paint splashed onto a blank canvas of art

It’s an interactive galactic space, where dreams begin to start

It’s a universal landing, where the ground you walk upon s forever changing

From moon sightings to darkness, to raging solar flares of heated sun

Where flashes of light, bolt one by one

The ground is forever changing its faces

it’s no optical illusion, the world is moving

Right from under our feet, we enter into a parallel

world of

Planets, stars, and galaxies at your fingertips

Where you can watch a total eclipse at any time of the day

Here is where magic chooses to stay

Its waves of light and telescopic energy

It’s a place of dreamy night skies and where rockets take flight

It’s a universe here on earth, the sky will never look the same

Behind these walls of brick and stone

Space travels at the speed in which you came

Not the speed of light in which we cannot see

Here lies the path to a space we share universally

A doorway to another dimension

Experience the universe through this invention

Welcome to the uniearth…

Muj Shah

“It’s a beautiful building, one that I envisioned housing a club to elevate the voices of marginalised and underrepresented children. A place to equip them with the necessary tools to become leaders and heroes. From housing a gym for physical fitness and wellbeing to hosting inspirational talks from influential mentors, such as Artists or Medical professionals. Ultimately, it’s a club for kids to be seen and heard, to let them know that there’s a place for them here.”


Munaza Kulsoom

“I used to live opposite this disused space and in the summer it would be covered in wildflowers like the purple toadflax in the picture.

I always felt it would make a great ampiethere since the town centre has so few green spaces for the residents.
I used college to create my vision of it with giant wild toadflax installations surrounding it that would light up at night!”

Jean McEwan

“I have reimagined this building as a Bradford Community Print Space – an open access, fully accessible and spacious venue welcoming all the  people of Bradford in to tell their stories through print. People could come in and could learn how to make zines, pamphlets, books, posters and more. These beautiful things would be distributed throughout our city’s venues, community spaces and public spaces local venues, telling our uniquely Bradford stories in our own way and on our own terms. ”


Hannah Lock

“In cities and towns, I love the ones that have the most green spaces – so I wanted to create a giant green space of large flowers and plants. In response to the photograph, I wanted to create a green space that connects the landscape and buildings together.”