Download about The Brick Box (2 page PDF)

The Brick Box is an artist-led Community Interest Company with a socially engaged, place based practice. Through live art experiences we transform neglected spaces, bring people together and invite them to see things differently.

We are producers and artists, enablers and provocateurs, stimulating creative and economic growth, and a regeneration of both spirit and place. We create work with a strong pop culture aesthetic, using powerful juxtapositions and unusual locations to increase access to and participation in the arts.

We also provide platforms and support for other artists, organisations, independent businesses, and individuals. We find creative ways to hear, honour and amplify marginalised voices. Our audiences and multicultural and multigenerational: together we create art.

To date, The Brick Box has provided:

  • 30 internships
  • 200+ volunteer placements
  • 350+ people with part and full time employment
  • 400+ businesses with increased profiles and profit
  • 5000+ artists and organisations with paid work

…and engaged with hundreds of thousands of audience members and participants.

The name ‘The Brick Box‘ came from a box of bricks, plasticine and broken toys that Eleanor had when she was young. Every playtime it transformed into a different world: one day a high street, the next day the cosmos. It is this creative alchemy that continues to inspire The Brick Box.

"I started volunteering with The Brick Box when they began a project in my area. I was made to feel very welcome, had the opportunity to get involved in lots of different projects and meet such interesting people. Having gained skills and been inspired, I now run my own arts hub."

Betiel Mahari, owner of Art Nouveau Brixton.