Eleanor Barrett
Eleanor Barrett

Eleanor and Rosie run the company together. Eleanor has created over forty original artworks for venues and festivals including the Brighton Festival, LIFT, Bradford Mela, Shunt Vaults and the ICA. As a producer, she has created hundreds more.

In previous lives, Eleanor has been the Director of the Bradford Playhouse, and Development Manager at Shunt Events Ltd. She has also devised and delivered arts participation programmes for people with entrenched substance misuse lifestyles.

Her favourite snacks are jalapenos and blue cheese, and if she was a woodland animal she would be a shrew.

Rosie Freeman
Rosie Freeman

Rosie and Eleanor run the company together. Rosie has produced work at the Shunt Vaults, LIFT, Wandsworth Arts Festival, Lambeth Country Show, Standon Calling, Shambala, Beatroot-Rendezvous, and The Demo Project.

In previous lives, Rosie has managed projects for Penguin Books UK, Dorling Kindersley India and Pearson Publishing. She has written for The Independent, and travelled widely. She supports Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy courses at the London Buddhist Centre and enjoys swimming at all available opportunities.

Her favourite snack is avocado on toast, and if she was a woodland animal she would be a brown hare.

Kate Wellham
Communications Manager
Kate Wellham

Kate is in charge of marketing and communications for The Brick Box. She joined Eleanor and Rosie when they moved to Bradford in 2016, and has yet to regret it.

Kate’s background is in journalism and digital content, and she likes following Eleanor and Rosie around with a camera just to prove that some of this stuff actually happens.

Her favourite snacks are eggs and frozen grapes (but not together), and if she were a woodland animal she would be a unicorn.

Advisory Board and Mentors

Chris Allen, CEO Gaia Active and Clientfocus

Steph Butcher, prev. Brixton Town Centre Director

Tim Yates, freelance business and financial mentor

Rose Dowling, founder of Leaders Unlocked

Dr Sharleene Bibbings, author & UN Women UK Member

Associate Artists and Creatives

Chemaine Cooke, Associate Artist

May McQuade, Project and Production Manager

Lucy Bairstow, Creative Programmer

Shazia Fatima Bibi, Assistant Producer

Dominic Sheard, Technical Manager