The Brick Box have been invited to speak at South By Southwest, the largest tech, music, film and art conference in the world, which is in Austin, Texas in March 2018.

We’ll be talking about our unique approach to culture-driven regeneration of both place and spirit. As a community interest company, our work helps communities to find their voice, reclaim space, raise aspirations and change perceptions. We support emerging and established artists, connect people with their neighbours, and stimulate local economies.

Our panel ‘Absurdity Sells: The Value of Playful Events ‘ was selected via a combination of public votes and expert judges, and we’ll be appearing in a programme alongside big international brands, artists and leaders from all over the world.

We believe the trip will help us to build our business, share our learning for the benefit of other communities around the world, and export some maverick British humour at the same time.

We’ve managed to raise half of the money we need for essentials like accommodation for the 11-day conference and our flights to get out there, but we’d really like to come back as well, so now we need to find the other half – or as close to it as we can get.

If you like what we do, and you want to help, any amount you might want to put towards this fantastic opportunity would be gratefully accepted.

We’d be very happy to give back wherever we can – whether that’s through giving a talk at your business, providing some consultation, producing a report from the conference, or anything else we can do for you. Get in touch with us for a chat about what we could do in return.