Osmo: a beginner’s guide to constructing the cosmos

For many inhabitants of big cities like New York and London, a night spent under a sky full of stars is an unlikely event, if not impossible. Skyscraping buildings and inevitable air pollution limits the possibility of even getting a glimpse of the awe-inspiring universe above. [Designboom]

Well, not in Canning Town. It seems like we’re not the only people who were blown away by the beauty of Osmo, Loop.ph’s nine metre inflated sphere which brought the cosmos to the A13 flyover for Light Night Canning Town 2014. The intergalactic art installation has been featured in Wired, Designboom, The Creators Project and Urdesign, amongst others.

We’re delighted that this original commission was enjoyed by so many and hope that Osmo continues it’s stellar voyage. Many thanks to the lovely people at Loop.ph for all the art, love and magic.

Light Night Canning Town-7 Light Night Canning Town-11

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A Spark in the Dark

We love this short film of the second ever Light Night Canning Town. Happy memories?of the glittering adventures, interactive installations and sparkling faces that made it so special. A huge thank you to the thousands of people who came and made it so.

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